Triggering Notes On A Hardware Synth

Hi all, I’ve got a microkorg which I would like to trigger with renoise. I’m using a laptop and the microkorg only has midi in/out/through - no usb, so I’ve hooked it up to a Radium 49 controller keyboard via a midi cable (Radium out to Korg in) and the radium is hooked up to the laptop via usb. The controller keyboard triggers the microkorg just fine, it is also recognized fine in Renoise - I’m able to lay down notes and other midi data, but when I play the pattern back it doesn’t trigger the notes - just silence (and yes I do have something plugged into the audio out on the microkorg so I can hear :P). The instrument settings tab in renoise is set out as follows: Device Out USB Keystation (the controller keyboard), ext midi, Channel 01 (The korg and controller keyboard are also both set to midi channel 01). Am I missing something here? Could trying to get renoise to trigger the controller which will in turn trigger the microkorg be the problem? Would I be better off just buying a midi to usb cable and hooking up the microkorg directly? Is there a setting in Renoise I may have overlooked? If anyone could shed any light it would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

make sure the radium is in midi true mode so it can pass whatever midi it receives, also set the midi out port in renoise’s ‘instrument settings > midi properties’ so you can choose the channel you want

Thanks for the reply - looks like I had the midi cable in the wrong port on the back of the radium slaps forehead.