Triggering Rnspatterns With Live Clips

hey guys… happy new year and all that.

i saw this video on youtube
since i would like to use ableton live for all my melodic stuff and renoise just for my drums… this is exactly the setup i need.
playing my stuff in live… and using my launchpad to trigger the drums in renoise… god iam so looking forward to this^^
i understand the way how i set the whole thing up… but iam still running into a few problems.

So my questions are:

i set up a midi track in Live, create 4 clips (C, D, E, F) and route the Midi Output to LoopBe Internal Midi. I set up LoopBe Internal Midi as Input in Renoise… but what now?
How can i tell Renoise that an Incoming C4 from LoopBe means “trigger Pattern 1”?

i know i can use renoises midi learn mode, click on one of the arrows next to the patterns and edit the midi msg for “sequence xx” problem is… LoopBe is just a software… a cant press any keys^^

i found out that i can enter midi learn in renoise, then go to live… trigger the clip i want to use for the pattern… and then leave midi learn mode. but then i cant trigger the patterns in renoise immediatly… i trigger the clip in live and renoise will first play the current pattern to end then start the clip i triggered…

if you can help me out here… im very thankful…