Triggering Sample Momentarily via Midi Controller

How do I set up midi in Renoise so a sample mapped to a key/button momentarily cuts the current sample that’s playing and then continues to play again once the midi key/button is released.

Example: at 2:10 Igorrr has a main drum pattern playing then as he presses buttons on his Akai APC40i whatever sample is assigned to the button he presses cuts the main pattern, plays the sample, and then when he releases the button the sample stops play and the original drum pattern beginnings playing again.

Also is it possible to trigger a sample and an effect parameter at the same time with with midi. For instance if I wanted to trigger a drum loop and the on/off state of a chorus effect at the same time? When I try mapping the midi controller key to the chorus on/off it works for the on/off state but it doesn’t trigger the sample playback

I have not tried but using the volume you could get the same effect.

to clarify 2:10
he uses his APC to trigger sequences (drum loop in this case?)
he then triggers the maschine with this ‘blaaaaawph’ sound whereas he lets go his apc, and then when he finishes with maschine, he presses apc again. This tells me that his pads are in “gate mode” and not in "play one shot (mainly referring to the drums)". I believe this is true, because it’s more simpler, and straightforward for jamming. And does not require any sort of editing before jamming

if not - basiclly you have sort of choke group (maybe monophonic drum rack in ableton? - sorry, i’m not examining his setup at this first look)

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