triigger Renoise from VVVV using OSC protocol

Hello Forum people!

I am new to renoise and have been trying to trigger note information sent from VVVV using the OSC protocol and have been getting an error message ‘rejected’ please see attached jpegs. Any insight into this would be most welcome


You seem to send the message as a single string, it should be a string followed by 4 arguments

/renoise/trigger/note_on [instr] [track] [note] [volume]

You might want to send the message without the paranthesis - unless this is some vvvv voodoo, I think the problem lies therein
When I do this in PD, the OSC server in Renoise plays the note and tell me that it got triggered with 4 arguments…

Thanks… made the suggested changes and still getting rejected, so not sure where the problem is?

Are you sure you need the commas?

Guess you’re still not sending the OSC messages correctly, the arguments seem to also be concatenated to the command/url string.

Thanks, this got me on the right track. VVVV needs a slight work around, things are a bit more straightforward in PD and MAX because of the way it treats ‘Bangs’…here is a snapshot of the VVVV solution for anyone that needs it, a bit clunky, but it works…


Here is how your patch should look :)/>

edit: ah, beaten to it…

Got quite a few of them I’ve set them out as modules for quite a few controls: Transport controls, BPM, FX Parameters, Mute, Solo, Note Out (on, but not off), Track Levels.

Haven’t used them in anger much, but until recently I’ve only been dabbling with Renoise. All this talk of version 3 has been making me look deeper at what we have. Quite a lot!


Thanks Radian and Hayd.A…very useful :wink: