Trimming A Beat/loop

This is probably quite easy, but my method is unreliable.

I have a bunch of rhythmic loops, beats and arpeggios and so forth, recorded from some top quality hardware synths. However, the wavs are not cropped to loop, they have long tails and periods of silence at the end. I have been visually snipping them to loop length and using my ears. But this is not always very accurate. Is there a simple, clever way — only using renoise — of doing this?


If you know the bpm of the loops, you can set renoise to the same bpm and set the snapping in the sample window to “Beats”. This way, you can be sure, you alway cut at the exact beat counts (if the sample starts at ‘0’ of course… )

I hope, that helps.


Don’t know the bpms, this is a huge collection of various, badly labelled samples. But thanks.

one way of finding the BPM is to have the sample loaded into two instrument slots. Set the first one to auto-stretch in the instrument settings, and leave the second one as is.

Place a C-4 with the auto-stretched sample in one track and a C-4 with the second in another. Play the song. You’ll notice if you need to lower or raise the BPM. When the two samples are playing at the same pitch, you’ve found your BPM.

You’ll need to remove the silence in the start/end before this will work of course…

Ha, but doing this accurately would be the outcome of finding the BPM, and is my actual objective, so we are stuck in a circular trap. Nice tip though. ;)

well… you could of course set the C-4 in the first place of the pattern, loop it and alter the bpm until you hear a perfect loop. Maybe this isn’t 100% either, but i guess it’s the closest you will get. After you found your bpm this way, you can use the beat snapping for cutting.