First track I’ve posted here. ‘Trine’ is from my upcoming album ‘Linker’ which should be released later this year. Not entirely happy with it yet but wanted to share to get some feedback. I’m considering adding vocals to this one but currently have no voice. :confused: So, constructive criticism please! :D

Wow! I rated 5 stars, i love the overall ambience and the evolving melodies. Very beautiful. Great glitching too. Please let us know when the album is out!

Great track, what is that bell lead sound in the beggining? I mean any particular instrument or vst?

Thanks robotrobot and Simonus! Much appreciated. :)

@Simonus: Bell lead sound? The main synth sound is just a single cycle sine.

O just a simple sine with effects good to know :) What kind effects if i may ask. Sry im asking but reinventing a wheel is not my nature :) I like to learn from others.

Really nice track, I enjoyed it pretty much.

And since you ask for constructive criticism, I’d pitch in: it could benefit greatly from some radical breakdown at some point, a counterpoint perhaps. Alternatively, some more prominent one-off hits of special sounds or breaks could really add flavour.

Nonetheless, really pleasant tune as it is. :)

Nice chilled sounds you got here.

Couple things come in mind:
At 0:47 & 2:47 there is a little gap, like copy & paste with fade out/in.
Then I get a feeling like there is too much kicks. I would maybe chill all drums down just a bit & blend few new sounds here and there.


i imagine a tiny musicbox that starts to tell its own little story. chilling but also very emotional.
pure quality.

maybe give the high-freq. perc/fx (not the hi-hats) a bit more presence in the mix. or reduce the fx on the beats (‘less is more’)
but otherwise, i wouldnt use vocals here.

Sorry for taking a while to get back to this, I’ve been away from internet.

Thanks for all your comments. :)

@Simonus: The only effects on the sine are delay and stereo spread

@subset: Thanks, I agree about a breakdown. Maybe I’ll add one. Also adding some different one shots is a great idea, too. :D

@aksn: The one at 0:47 is supposed to be like that but the other one is a copy as paste that needs tidying up. I might try your suggestion of altering the pattern that the kick plays a bit too.

@engine: I like your music box idea. I often imagine my music as being very visual, if that makes sense, so I’m glad you get something visual from it.

Cool, maybe I’ll skip the vocals.

Great job!!!
ABout the vocals: yes, I really think you should add some, but not just simply vocals, stuttering or even better, hard to “understand stuff”. Preferably, a female voice. F.e. I really think something like Alpha Conspiracy - Rtyu vocal line will fit in. You can get a descent listen on the preview in iTunes unless you don’t have Aura. And if you don’t, GET IT!