Trip Harder

Don’t see a shit.

Lol, awesome! °-°

I believe my movement through time, stopped for about 10 minutes.

I must brace for the jump to light speed.

Oh noooeeesss, sieni! :D:smiley:

number 12 made me get epilepsy :o


that audio illusion is called Shephard’s tone if anybody’s curious.

Do we know exactly where we landing on?

Bill Hicks :)

Where does the Shephard’s tone come from? cant find it in your message, and when i try to “quote” you it plays alone…

I just noticed yesterday, I think Shpongle use it or something like it in Divine Moments of Truth, in the ethnic carnival drumming part after the doo-de-doo singing part. Could be a different thing though or I heard things that weren’t there yesterday… :D

a really nice one, but i like the original more: