[trip-hop, idm, dub] Some WIPs of mine.

Can you give me some advices on those works? Which of them do you like the most, what would you fix and so on and so forth. I’ll be really thankful :)/>
There are 4 different tracks in a set.

Very nice :walkman: I like this mellow sound.

Have got no suggestions cause it is your music and about problem, i don´t hear anything that should be obviously fixed :unsure:.
Btw. is it made with VSTs or native fx?

Thanks, nice to hear that :)
I’m using Synth1, Oatmeal and MrRay73 for synths, also epicVerb, Magnus Ambience, TAL-DUB 2 and 3 for effects. There are a lot of native devices as well though.

to me it’s really nice to hear your song but i would prefer if you make it longer

Hey, those are WIPs which means Work in Progress. Of course they are short.