Tripping Bits (Dnb)

Some noisy glitchy dnb :smiley:

Phew, pretty heavy stuff. I like it!

Very unusual D’n’B track, which is a good thing! I wish the 2step drums would stand out more. The snare sounds very muffled and the kick is pretty much non existent. But the idea is great, big up!


@idem345: Yeah, you are right. Drum work could be better.

Nice and space sounding.

really cool and driving, but I agree with it could use some noticeably overdone sidechaining for the subbass/bassdrum and more snappieness on the main snare attack to make it even more aggressive and driving in pace…

Yeah, def something to throw on after slammin’ a nice big cup of coffee to get the day started. . . wish the ending was a little less abrupt (my personal preference only). The nice thing about this song is that, well, it feels like an actual “song.” There are multiple parts and they all seem to work well together to build mood. . . also nice that it’s not just 100% in your face all the time. Some nice waves and crests. . .def worth doing some little tweaks m8 just to get locked down.

Def loved it, though, again probably would avoid putting this on at night lest I stay up for another 3 hours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting work. It sounds like you burn the wind and for a second break through the space structure. All things start decelerating and roll up to the Mobius strip. As if it turns inside out, again back to your dimension.