Tron Trailer Track

Still hackin away at it… Renoise synced with Max/Msp/Jitter.

Some nice ideas here, is this orchestral sample yours? However, it does not impress me especially, but is very pleasant and just fits with the video :).

0:28 is my favourite part.

nice bass sounds.your snare is too quiet though

k1d_w01fman should do the soundtrack for this movie

nice trip and very cool audio video sync.
too bad it’s just a short clip.

thanks man. The orchestral part is from one of the more recent trailers ( ). Sounds great, because it’s an orchestra, but musically i think this one especially is pretty lame. Great for sampling though haha.

HA thanks man, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of what Daft Punk has done with this movie. What I’ve heard so far has been pretty decent.

Thank you sir, you guys have pushed me to want to finish it… so double thank you :)