Trouble following Bizzy B's tutorial

Hi all -

Total Renoise (and tracker) newb here. I’m following along with Bizzy B’s tutorial on how to chop breaks ( and I’ve found that the default settings on my new install don’t match all of his. One big example was in the Keyzones section, under Drum Kit settings, he must have “Use first octave for transposing” based on how his keyzones look. It’s been about an hour and a half of trial and error trying to get my setup to match his, but I’m stuck on one part.

When he starts his session he has a BPM of 80 set (I understand this is randomized). I set mine to 80. He loads a sample, slices it, and renders the slices to a phrase. When he hits enter to play the phrase, it plays very slowly. He then ups the tempo to 170 and the sample plays at it’s original speed.

When I’m trying this, when I hit enter with the BPM set to 80 it plays at regular speed. When I then go to up the tempo to 170 it is playing way too fast.

I must be missing something stupid. I tried searching the PDF manual but couldn’t find anything that helped. Does anyone know what option I am looking for here?

Thanks so much!