Trouble getting Ableton Link and Renoise to cooperate

Hi all,

I bought Renoise after trying the demo. I liked it for drum programming and found it more intuitive than anything I have touched for that purpose. However, I prefer the instruments in Ableton for creating bass lines, synths, pads, etc. I saw it offered Ableton Link support and instantly bought it.

I can not get Ableton Link to work with Renoise. Tutorials for Ableton Link are vague and simply state that it should show up after selecting “show link toggle” in preferences. I have not been able to find tutorials for Renoise in the other direction that don’t require ReWire (RIP). Even the manual still says to use ReWire. For me, Ableton does not recognize that ReNoise exists or is running.

My goal is to use ReNoise kinda like a drum machine/vst/whatever in Ableton or vis versa. However, I understand this might now be completely possible.

What are the steps to use Ableton Link with ReNoise? Is there another method I should try?

I use windows.


I was able to get link to recognize ReNoise and Renoise to recognize Ableton, however there is no audio.

If you really really need to use ReWire in Ableton Live, there still is a way to enable it manually:

This may not work anymore in future though.

this fix aint working with the last 2 versions of Ableton.

Ableton link is not what you are searching. Ableton link is only sending only bpm between apps and devices [and in some cases also start stop info but its not in Renoise for now]. So you can jam together using different apps/devices and share tempo.
Rewire was it but its dead.

There is plugin called Blu Cat’s Patchwork and Blue Cat’s Connector, but i didnt use it, but it sounds like it could be used to send audio from one to another and use midi for transport or something.

It looks like Blu Cat’s Connector would make it so I could link the two DAWs. I downloaded the demo. Ableton can find and run the VST3 while Renoise can’t. The VST is saved to the standard VST3 folder. I did a rescan and restarted my computer. I will work on figuring out this issue.

Using the demo of Blu Cat’s Connector has shown it works. It doesn’t have the level of integration to fully utilize Renoise in the way that make it excel. This is only V1.0 of Blu Cat’s Connector, so it might be worthwhile to look at in the future.

Thanks for the help and suggestion!

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