trouble rewiring to ableton

I’m having trouble rewiring to ableton. It used to work just fine, but once I reformatted my computer, it hasn’t worked since. I open ableton, then open renoise, and it says “failed to start renoise as rewire slave”. Since then, I’ve tried reinstalling both programs, but to no avail. What could I be doing wrong? thanks

I’m having this problem too - anyone got any ideas?

If you’ve on windows, you could try to trash the “ReWire.dll” in Windows/System32. Then uninstall and reinstall Renoise.

Hmm, I don’t seem to have a ReWire.dll in that directory (on Windows 7). Nor is there one in the Renoise folder - there is a “ReWire Engine.dll” though.

Very odd - it’s just started working by itself. First, I managed to load Ableton as a rewire slave, then the next time I tried using Renoise as the slave it just worked.

I had this issue as well, and it also resolved itself. When I first ran the 2.5 beta, it wouldn’t rewire to Live, so I went back to 2.0. At some point the beta just started working again on its own.

I had resolved the issue, but have recently run into it again once I upgraded to renoise 2.5 (from 2.1) on my 64 bit system. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling each program, manually deleting/removing the Rewire.dll file from the syswow64 folder (rewire.dll is absent from the system32 folder), and restarting my computer before every attempt.

It seems to work fine when Renoise is the master rewire unit…but not when I try ableton as the master unit! pretty frustrating…

If I am not mistaken, Rewire doesn’t officially support 64-bit yet, so if it works at all you’re doing pretty good.

Worked just fine in windows 64 with Renoise 2.1…I’d stick with that for now, but the problem is that I already have files made in 2.5, and I have noway to port them back to 2.1