Trouble using MIDI Keyboard

I recently received my first MIDI keyboard (AKAI LPK25) because I wanted to record notes without typing with the computer keyboard. However, I’m having some trouble getting the keyboard to play instruments. I’ve listed my setup process below; maybe someone can point out my mistake:

After connecting via USB, I went to Preferences > MIDI > In Device A > LPK25. Then I loaded the default flute instrument to test it.
I went to Instrument Settings > MIDI Input > Device > LPK25.

Now, I can play notes using the computer keyboard, but not with the MIDI keyboard. Did I miss something? I searched the forums and it seems that others have gotten this model (LPK25) to work before. This particular keyboard is plug-and-play and there is no on-off button that I can find.

I never do the second step “instrument Settings”… but leave it as the default (“Master”).
I think in the first step you set up the “Master” midi inputs, so you can omit the second step?

Btw. Renoise gets Midi-Input if the green light next to “Midi Map” in the right top corner flashes, if you push a key on your midi keyboard.

Thanks for your reply. I went and changed the MIDI Input Device back to Master, but still nothing. The red and green lights at the top right corner never light up, even when I use the computer keyboard.

I thought maybe the MIDI keyboard was faulty, but I checked it using something called MIDI-OX and it appears to be sending out signal. I’m gonna try reinstalling.

EDIT: Okay so apparently reinstalling did the trick :) Thanks again