Trouble With Sample Playback

I have an ambient sample that is about 30 seconds long triggered at the beginning of this song, but when it hits “63” it returns to the beginning of the song. How do I keep it going until the end of the sample? Thanks much.

63 is the end of the pattern and it’s looping back to the start. When two notes (or in your case, the same note twice) play one after the other in the same subtrack, the second one mutes the first. You can change this behaviour in Instrument Settings, but in your case, you don’t need to.

your 63 isn’t the end of the song, just the pattern. You make tunes in Renoise by making lots of patterns and stacking them up together. So you have two options:

  1. Make the pattern longer:

  2. Add another pattern (which will be pattern 1, the first pattern is 0) and sequence it after pattern 0.