True Audio Tracks

i was thinking Vst3 should be renoises next big improvement but i think true audio recording should be
then we could completlly eliminate the need for another daw

i found the way to do it for now
anoyone record vocals solely in renoise ?

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I do record vocals in renoise…
I midi map the play and “record sample” button so it will start at the same moment. works find for me…

how do you midi map that ?

and do you record synths in reason
im having trouble

Right top corner it says “MIDI MAP”
Make sure you select “Allow mapping the same more than once”

And no, so far i only did vocals

This is how i record vocals in Renoise.Open the sample recorder and in sync start and stop
choose pattern then click start.Play the song one pattern before you want to record so you have time to prepare.Sing you melody and when you are done click stop in the sample recorder then click done then stop Renoise.Go to the start of the pattern you started the sample editor put the right note in ,Q in the PC keyboard but watch out the top of Renoise the Oct to 3.Now vocals are in time with your song as long as you sang it in time



hah, never actually realized it has this sync start/stop :slight_smile:


Same! :rofl:
Seems so simple and usefull!

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Here is one of my songs recorded exactly like i said in one take in case you haven’t heard it before

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today i have figured out how to record vocals and also my synth
so i create a line in track one set midi in and out to my synth record something . then play it back on loop edit notes if i make mistakes , then record whats coming from that track to a new sample edit it make a new instrument save it , whalaa awesome :slightly_smiling_face:so happy today what ive learned cheers guys .

I use Reaper for that. I see now that there are ways to handle vocal recording in Renoise, but in Reaper I have a number of scripts and OSC handlers to help me do comping and such fairly quickly.

E.g., quickly A/B compare two takes of the same line; cut-and-paste to replace small flubs; do pitch correction for when I’m flat or sharp; easy volume automation; assemble a final take.

Renoise is not quite there as a recording and audio-editing tool (for my use cases).

@James_Britt offtopic:
audio editing/comping in mixbus is such a breeze and thats what i love to do mostly nowadays actually :smiley: :smiley:

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Ah, good trick. Thanks! I didn’t realize it was so easy to do simple overdubs in sync.