True Ping Pong Delay With Native Effects?

Is it possible to set up a true ping pong delay with the native delay effect in Renoise? Just curious, and if it works I don’t have to rely on VST effects. With the new .rni format handling more then 16 samples it’s getting closer to a ‘real’ VST sampler and more fun to build ‘instrument banks’ within Renoise with it’s own DSP effects. (also had some ideas posted here : Ideas & Suggestions)

Figure1 Figure2   
 L R L R  
 X X  
 X o X   
 X X  
 X o X  

Ok, so basically I want to have the delay jumping from Left to Right (or Right to Left) like in figure 1. The closest I can get, is like in figure 2, with the ‘o’ representing a ‘low volume’ delay.

I’ve played around a bit with the ‘rows’ numbers in the delay effect, setting them to ‘L02 - R04’, ‘L04 - R08’ etc. and pushed the SET button to have renoise calculate the millisecs, and this is how I end up with a delay like the one represented by figure 2.

Been thinking about this for a while and I guess you have to be able to delay the ‘wet signal’ of one of the channels (L or R) somehow to make it work properly ? Or am I blind and it’s just me doing it all wrong ?


Anders Kallander

what about isolating the wet signal in a send track with stereo expasinon to the maximum, on which you put a square LFO for panning? Seems the fastest way to me