Trying out Vaporwave: 13^2 - E L E C T R I C

This is my first try at making Vaporwave music. This isn’t that good, but it’s a spur of the moment kind of thing that I just kind of made. The song is Electric Feel by MGMT.

Sledgehammer ! Peter Gabriel , is that you ?

Super funny!

Sledgehammer ! Peter Gabriel , is that you ?

Super funny!

um? Thanks?

I mean, its a coincidence and I don’t think about any try of copying or plagiarization but I first thought that the chord progression of your track was a kind of quote of a part the chorus of sledgehammer from Peter Gabriel. go to 1:48… 1:55

No offense, I like the musicality and creativity of your track, my ear just made the connection. That would be a super nice use with a gentle psychedelic touch.

So yeah, definitly thumb up to your track. Great mood.

The song is actually Electric Feel by MGMT, but I can see what you mean.

Here’s the source:

I hate that genre but your song is fun.

I think you should consider using a lot less compression, because it kinda sounds like an elephant stepped on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only by observing the waveform i can clearly see you could get much more volume out of it too. The peak at around 2:03 is several decibels louder than the rest of the song.

My tip: Remove all compression/limiting/maximising and mix as good as you can without them, then compare how it sounds before and after. I think you’ll be surprised to hear that it sounds both louder and more dynamic.

Also add a HP filter on pretty much everything as that will remove any DC problems and excessive bass frequencies. The bass frequencies are particularly difficult and the bass sounds both deeper if you have some bass freq. headroom to work with. Let’s say you have a bass cut at 100Hz, then if suddenly a 80Hz sub bass kicks in it will sound much more powerful than if the first bass was cut at 60Hz.

I would also use some sidechining on the kick/Bass, let the kick come trough a bit more. I’d probably use a lot of sidechaining and automation in different areas in a track like this, linked up in various ways and with different parameters and effects just to make the sounds kinda crossfade to the front. Idea is to make room for every sound without them crashing into each other.

Apart from the bad mix i very much liked the track though, so i hope you do some refurbishing on it. :slight_smile:

I likeElectric Feel by MGMT and I like this mashup. :slight_smile: