Trying to create my own instrument

So, i’m trying to create my own instrument based off a sample I put together and control it with a midi keyboard. I notice however when I set the sample to cover the whole keyboard, Moving up or down in keys doesn’t just change the pitch it also changes the sound speed? Is there something I am missing? Can I turn this off?

That’s how samplers work .
Lower pitch means lower rate at which the sample is scanned trough , if you want realistic sounding instruments you gonna have to make multisamples .
Short cycled ( 336 samples ) waveforms are ok for osc .use …
If your sample is a drumloop or long samples ,and you play it one octave lower …it halves the playback speed ,one octave higher …and playback speed doubles .
Sampler have always worked like this …until roland saved us all with the
VARIPHRASE think it was 1999

might want to skip the video to 02:52


Yes that’s normal, like mr. clockdivider mentioned, this is how sample-based stuff works.

Algorithms for “stretching” audio (changing an audio signal’s pitch and speed independently of each other) are considerably more complex than simply resampling, ie. playing at a different speed.

Richard asked how he make an sample-based instrument and not a sample loop.
One example from the past are JD 800.
168 are the default numbers in renoise and this is one cycle at C-4.
So go to the sample editor and push create button then take the pencil tool and paint your one sample.
Take a look to renoise instruments to understand how compose filters,envelops,etc.
Sure you can play more than one sample together.
Also you can find a collection of waveforms here
Here are a tb sound TB 303 Renoise emulator
Is not perfect but i will try to make it better.

Renoise 3 are fuckin great for this job.