Trying to get to grips with basic edit operations

I’ve had Renoise for I guess ten years but always put it aside because I didn’t find it intuitive to do basic things. This time around I actually want to find out how to do these things, in as simple methods as possible, preferably using single-step operations (one hotkey combination and done). Here goes:

  1. How do I clear the current column that the cursor is in?
  2. How do I deselect a currently selected column?
  3. How can I clear the current cell including any effect parameters, without interfering with my clipboard?
  1. command+shift+f3
  2. click elsewhere?
  3. delete key, but pattern record must be enabled, otherwise command+x does it, but goes to the clipboard…

1a. Settings → Keys → Search “Mark Whole Column” → New Assignment (i.e. Alt + C)
1b. Alt + C (or whatever you bound above) → Shift + Del (Clears all data in Selection)

  1. Shift + Right Arrow while cursor is in target Cell (Will select the entire Row in the Track) → Shift + Del (Clears all data in Selection)

I’m sure someone around here has a satisfactory answer for point 2 because I vaguely remember reading a solution here on the forum but cannot for the life of me remember what it was. I just click somewhere else.

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1 Worked a treat, I’m truly thankful for that!
2 Right… haha.
3 Not entirely what I’m looking for: I want those pesky effect parameters to be DDT-ed away as well.

As for 3. Hmm. For me, Shift RArr only does the same as RArr does; it moves the cursor within the cell. Does not select the entire row. (RArr short for Right Arrow.)

Hmmmm, what OS do you use? On Win7/Win10/Win11 it works for me as described. shrug

Win 10 Pro. Latest Renoise.

Strange. Shift + Right is globally bound for selections and cannot be reassigned.

Could be hardware specific or software stealing key combinations (nVidia GeForce Experience likes to break Renoise Keybinds). Hard to tell from my end.

In that case, Left Click (hold) → Draw selection across Row → Shift + Del (Clear Data in Selection)

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Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 22.16.39

1.shift+right arrow to select
2. fn+shift+delete on my mac (not sure how it would be translated correctly)

Shift-Right would select the whole row for me, not just the current cell but all cells in all tracks on the same row.

shift + right arrow
is not the same for you like on screenshot? or i’m having hard time understanding :smiley:
Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 22.20.45

Here’s how it works for me. Each time you see a whole row being selected, I’ve pressed Shift + Right Arrow.

oh, you have multiple lanes in single track - and therefore you select all rows (all lanes) within single track
in that case - i know it’s tedious - but my approach is to use shift+option(alt on win)+right arrow, to select cell by cell

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Ah, that’s helpful info, that it selects all columns on the same track. However, I think this is so frustrating that I can’t simply delete what’s on the current cell including fx params, with a single key. I just want to press a key and clear the cell. And this is especially impossible if having multiple rows (columns) on the same track.

Also, I’ve reset all key bindings to default and can confirm that Shift + Alt + Right does not select cell by cell on Windows 10.

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not sure about windows bindings, since i’ve used Renoise on linux/mac primarily. Someone might chime in and assist.

i agree that it is frustrating(primarily when looking to utilize keyboard to the fullest) … that within single track - rows from all columns (note lanes) get selected instead single… It simply begs for mouse to select what you want :smiley:

Exactly, and that’s the reason I decided to get friends with a tracker, to loose as much dependency on the mouse as possible.

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Shift + Alt + Right selects Cell by Cell for me (Windows 11). I’m wondering if you have a background process running that is hijacking key presses. This has been an issue for multiple forum members; only workaround is to disable the software that is capturing key presses. (Most issues are caused by software that uses Alt as the modifier from what I have seen).

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Could it be that my definition of a cell is different to what’s actually a cell? For me a cell is the whole “thing”, marked with red square in the first screenshot:




Yep, its a perception thing then. Each of those “steps” the Shift + Alt + Right makes is a separate cell. The Data is related, but it is different, nonetheless. The Alt modifier in this case (as well as dragging a selection with the mouse) increases the granularity of the selection so you can affect just a single column (ie, you want to clear the FX assignment, but keep the parameter data just to the right of it)

Hold (left) Alt and press Del while edit mode is activated.

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