Trying To Learn New Genre Of Music.

i come from a hip hop background and was wondering if renoise is good for that. i mean i am trying to create new types of music. not just hip hop stuff but i do not really know where to begin. i use reason and fl studio but i really like renoise. messed around with the demo and bought it so i am registered. i checked out the demo songs and i am like holy s@#$t that is awesome. how and the hell do they do that. there are many things in renoise i do not understand but am willing to learn. i have looked in these forums and there are a lot of experts here it seems which is a good thing. how would a guy like me begin to learn these different styles of music. are there books on it or do i have to become one some how with a genre i am not familiar with. i hope i dont sound stupid. sorry if i do. i will be hanging out here a lot from now on. have to learn this program. :D

during my 15-years “career” as an hobbyist composer I have composed songs of several genres. To name a few (in a sort of chronological order from earlier):

odd-tempo dance music,
dark ambient,
experimental electronica,
progressive rock,
jazz rock,

I have near no theory knowledge, but I have some experience.

from my point of view of a self-made guy (I’m a self taught programmer and I do it for work, but I’m also an hobbyist drummer, bass player, composer, and some other hobbies I practice are all self taught), my advice is to listen to more genres; even if you simply listen to Renoise’s demosongs, you will be able to explore some very different approaches to music. I would not find interesting to focus on a single kind of music; if you can do this as an hobby an nobody forces you to release a “product”, in my opinion the best experience you can have with music is exploring new frontiers.

resuming: get a account and listen :)

well put it-alien! You can get some music theory too, I studied modes for a year (that’s stuff like, what scales compliment each other, what scales does Jazz/rock) and did up to lvl 6 in music theory and it helped out here and there. The best thing that I still do today is listen to a tune and re create it from scratch (in renoise) you’ll be surprised what you learn and that in turn can influence your own music style.

There will be a tonne of books too, which will break down music and help you understand each style a little more.

Good luck with it all, can’t wait to hear some stuff.

I say it’s very nice for making hiphop, it’s what I primarily do. I was on Cubase before I found Renoise, always have been tbh, even back in the Atari days. Back then I mostly used it as a midi sequencer for an external sampler. For me personally starting out with Renoise felt like getting back on that old hardware sampler hehe, only infinitely more useful and configurable and without most of the limitations. And now with the note-delay and all, it’s almost perfect!

As for making other genres of music, or learning to make them, I think the previous speakers said most of what I would suggest. You know, just listen to lots and lots of different types of music. I know that’s how my interest in trying to make other genres was sparked. Being in some dirty basement flipping through vinyls looking for that perfect sample, which in return got me an extremely diverse record collection, and in continuation got me listening to, and appriciating, more or less every type of genre I can think of. Eventually it led to me expanding my music-creation horizons as well, mostly into the electronic field (dubstep/jungle/idm/eam…and so on), but I’ve even done some jamming with live musicians, I can’t say that’s any strongpoint of mine tho :P

Listen to John Cage. It will make you a music god. Specifically, his track 4′33″.

hehe Byte-S, I know that “song”… ;)

speaking of this kind of stuff, an experimental not-only-musical group called “Insieme Musica Diversa” (Different Music Collective) created an interesting set in the 70’s, consisting in a room, some chairs for the attendance, a chair for a missing player and a violoncello. The attendance should have imagined the music.

Renoise is excellent for Hip Hop, banging the pc-keyboard comes closest to banging the mpc pads :slight_smile:

About other beat-styles/genres, just input the ‘correct’ bpm tempo and work from there. With the new timing in Renoise 2.0 any groove can be made. Just try out what you like and make your own genre.

wow thanks to all for the input i will try all of these things. you guys over here respond quick too. not a single person said anything negative like some forums i have gone to. this encourages me a lot to iteract more with this community. once again thanks.

this is the nicest community indeed ;)

I like making Hiphop a lot for fun in renoise!
Sometimes I think renoise is made for it.

Wow, I appreciate this comment and feel good reading it, and I wasn’t even part of this conversation!


glad I found renoise too, have searched for a program to freak into, learn 110 %, and have to agree, this community seems to be very nice . You must be able to do most genres on renoise, guess it is all about skills.