Trying to make a big sounding pop song (with vocals)

The verse needs re-recording perhaps, but this is work in progress :))

Really anxious of hearing what you people think of it!


Hi @Mesmerized – There’s a lot of good stuff here! When I compare this to a lot of the pop music I hear on the radio – pro recordings have a bit more “fizz” and “sheen” on everything, especially vocals. TBH I haven’t had great luck processing my vocals using Renoise’s effects – I’ve started using Apple Logic Pro X for vocals because it just gives that pro sound – a little compression, a little pitch correction, some doubling, some lush reverb, nice saturation, etc. You could probably achieve this in Renoise with VSTs, though I don’t know which to recommend. Before I was using Logic, I was using a hardware vocal processor from TC-Helicon, the GTX VoiceLive Play to get a more “produced” sound on my vocals. Keep working with it!

Sounds good I like it but I think your singing is out of the songs key.Let us know when you finish it,this has potential

?? All notes are diatonic. There are just some instances where it’s slightly portamendoing a bit too much… and some sharp/flatness.

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Yes the chorus is a real b*tch to sing =/ Can’t reach the notes really, and if I lower it the hit feeling vanishes completely (also it doesn’t sound good when i sing it on lower notes either) Sigh… anyone happen to know a singer?? Hehe. Really sucks cuz I am really pleased with this song otherwise.

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Go to a site like kvr forum,I bet you will find a proper singer there or give it to me to make a hit in Greek language😁

Practice makes perfect, just stick too it and it’ll be fine… in the meantime try play with Melodyne.

I like this piece of song! The melody is good and the refrain catchy! :slight_smile:

The only thing is I think the track miss some punch (maybe, with adding some compression or distortion, and trying to get more vocal power), but keep it up!

I would like to try mix it and play with your vocals in melodyne.
Send me the Renoise file if you are interested.