Trying to recover song

So, renoise just crashed while I was working on my latest project after I attempted to change the audio device.

The UI isn’t responding but the program is still loaded with the song in memory. Normally I’d just cut my losses but I feel like this one is worth the effort of trying. Is there any way I could force renoise to save the current state of the song before exiting? I’m prepared to go the debugging route, even if it’s just to jump to the ‘save file’ routine.

If the UI isn’t responding, i don’t give you much of a chance, you can however try to kill the pluginserver executables that communicate with Renoise (don’t know which platform you are running on, in Windows you can simply kill the pluginserver process in the process list), it may perhaps trigger something and in the worst case save a crashbackup that you can reload later.

But a UI not responding really doesn’t sound promising… How often does this happen at all and are you using specific plugins when that happens?