Trying To Sort Out A Very Specific Panning Issue

Hereza deal. Recorded a bunch of drum hits onto a track in real time. Wanted to have them panned at random, so I assigned pan values by mashing my fingers on the number pad.

As I’ve found out however, the pan column is for the entire subtrack, not just the note it’s next to. So instead of different samples playing at different places, everything currently playing just gets jerkily panned to a single spot.

Tried the effect column 08XX command too. It’s exactly the same. Don’t see what the point of that is.

Is there any faster way to accomplish what I’m after than dragging each drum hit (there are several hundred) individually onto a subtrack and making sure no tails are overlapping?

Ooh, thanks for the find. I was thinking I might try to figure out how to make a script for this, but it seems like this should handle it thus fine.