Tu_ohm (electronic)

Had some time to spare while hanging about the airport waiting for flights so made some quick beats.


I like the textures ! Any insight in how you made this?

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I started by making five kick, snare patterns and adding a couple of maybe commands for additional kicks and snares. The hats were just one simple pattern with a 3 line synced delay. All the textural noises were from old glitch sound design sessions I did months ago, I created 30 sec samples with various effects, imported them to renoise, chopped them randomly, and then triggered each noise from the pool of samples. The kick and snare then sidechained the textural noises using signal followers to gainers, and in the sample editor of the textural noises I used a beat synced square wave lfo set to 0.5 beats to make synchronized volume cuts.

An extra layer of broken drums was added over top to put a slight groove to the drums. The kind of broken hats that start the song were the sample that was used. It came from another old sound design session where I was doing volume stutter cuts to a drum beat I made. I just chopped four parts from the whole sample and let them run over the current beat, none of them were synced, I just let them run to see if they would add some swing to the drums even if they weren’t totally in time. In this case they did.

Then I put in randomly selected reverse reverb noises at the start of each bar and used the maybe command to trigger them sometimes but not all the time, and used a send devices to send the audio to a send track with an additional reverb.

The pads were just the same pad sample duplicated three times and stacked at different octaves.


Good stuff, wish it were longer