Tunable Filterbank Instrument XRNI

Always looking for another way to keep the plugins native to Renoise, I wondered if I could make a tunable filterbank. With a little bit of routing, and leaving a TON of options open, I created a set of 6 digital filters using the Butterworth algorithm. This is a very rudimentary plugin that will give you a melodic resonance for your tracks. Because I haven’t really finished it off, I am providing the tool to all y’all to give it your own taste.


Tunable Filterbank.xrni (1.8 MB)

I used a pink noise sample, you can get those anywhere, I think I made mine in Audacity. I find the pink noise sample to be the easiest on the ear, but some people prefer brown or white noise. Heck, you could probably replace the noise sample with the sound of a trainwreck and get some nice filter fluctuation.

Why I am considering this to be rudimentary, is because you’ll have to tune the filters yourself - the digital filters in the FX Chain area. Their resonance is all the way up so they hum a tunable tone. Get a chart for kHz tuning and figure it out yourself :smiley:

You don’t need to be in-tune if you don’t want to be. Sometimes the vibrations of the sounds bouncing off of each other in a semi-detuned way is quite pleasant.

If you’re on a Mac, you can always go buy a plugin, like Hexonator, or use the Michael Norris Super Filterbank (less adjustable), but this’ll do, and it’s native to Renoise.