Tundra (live At Staalgraan)


All sound is processed, mixed and routed with Renoise.

From Youtube:

Track for the forthcoming album “Permafrost”.
No video, only a photograph I made during a trip to Berlin.

The track is based on the empty appearance, but sheer beauty of the tundra.

Equipment used (partial):

  • Alesis Micron
  • Apple MacBook Pro with 2 synchronised Renoise sequences
  • Dynacord Echocord Super
  • Echo AudioFire 12
  • Evolution UC-16
  • Fender Rhodes Mark 1
  • Korg Kaoss Pad
  • Korg MS2000
  • Moog Little Phatty (Stage Edition)
  • Moog MF-104Z
  • Soundcraft Compact 10

Haha, good luck with that. :D

Here is an image of the environment I was recording the track:

Pretty nice atmospheric piece. Good work!

And I might be stealing your gears too. :P

Thank you! :D

I must warn you guys, I sleep in the same room… :ph34r:

Does the room has a ventilation shaft?

Haha, yes (diameter = 30cm). :lol:

I’ll send my persian cat then!

That could be fun, I own a Persian cat too! :lol:

Haha! :P

I guess this isn’t the appropriate time to tell that I will buy my second Little Phatty today… <_<