Tune While Synced

Hi Folks.

Is it possible to tune or transpose a sample when the sync option is on?

Thanks for your time.

Change the tempo?

Renoise doesn’t do any time-stretching or pitch-shifting so if your sample is synced to a certain amount of lines with the Sync option how are you going to play it at different pitches?

Or you could try the Rubberband and Akaizer tools? Although not live so probably not quite what you want…

No you can’t transpose a sample with beat sync on.
What you can do is enter the right sync value but press the small T button instead of ticking the sync checkbox. This will adjust the transpose and fine tune settings so they are synced but if you change the BPM/LPB later it will no longer be synced.

Personally I think beat sync should let you transpose and based off the note C-4.

get some pitch/formant shifting vst and automate the tuning parameter(s).

One option is to rewire an app or load a vst plugin that handles realtime timestrech and pitch shift. No free ones comes to mind but Energy-xt is quite cheap. You can load it as vst into renoise.

Thanks for letting me know and clearing that up folks :)

What about slicing the material using 09/0S pattern commands and repitching after by just changing the note?

Depends on what kind of quality you are used to. This can be used as robot effect though. :) For time stretching this technique works best with short samples because longer the sample is, bigger slices are.