Finished something more laid back than my usual faster jungle stuff;



very enjoyable easy listening.

i don’t know why i paid so much attention to it but i like the quiet blurpy background sound along with the piano (at around 1:51+) … and the ending. the strings are a little bit too much for me tho, especially at 0:57 … it’s like BÄÄÄM. ;)

Thanks for listening Mandulin!

I tried out different proportions for the string/etc layers, but liked this best :)

good stuff :)

really good!

i’d like to see how you did the drums…

Thanks! :)

I posted a stripped version without 3rd party vst(i)-plugs here:


The main drum loop used is a beat I once made at a higher bpm for a jungle tune, a pattern rendered to a sample now played back at a lower bpm. Through using a different pattern length than the standard 64 and varying the loop start you can create nice jumbled sounding beats while still retaining a sense of structure if you keep the programming constant.

hmm cool, thanks!
i have not been using the sync-function thing for breakbeats at all actually. but i always cut out each sound from a beat and use them seperately assigned to different keys. works great for me, but everyone is always talking about syncing and tuning the drums and using the 0900 command. so i feel maybe i’m missing out on a lot of cool stuff by just using my standard method of drumsequencing…

There are no right and wrongs, do whatever gets the job done.

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Sweet track man. I especially like that ‘wavering’ timestretched sort of tone that drops in every so often B)

Dunno about what tone you’re talking about as there is no time stretching in it, as far as I remember, but cheers for the listen anyway! :P