Tuned dsp help

I’m a little confused with this one.
I understand dblue had created a bunch of tuned dsp chains with frequencies corresponding to their respective notes, but how would I transpose these? My prime reason is to create a filter that would remove a specific harmonic on all keys.

So record every value with a tool of the device with a linear progression and the resulting recording would be the input curve of the device right?

And then I’ll just…
I’m not too sure.


Anyone got any ideas?
I thought we could all benefit, so I shared this idea to decrease the planning time.

You might want to inspect this trick as well:

I’m not sure if you want to filter frequencies on instrument level or track level

I guess that kind of trick would work, but I don’t think I could set it all up to be controllable by 1 slider for a value, setting the value for each key would ruin the purpose of this. And can be done with an LFO directly, so that’s why I’m trying to figure how to make it work my way.