Turn Down The Suck!

would be a rockin stuff like apina roll

What does this knob do?

Ah, I know, it sucks! :D

Why do you have “teh suck” cranked up so much?

cuz if i hadnt i wouldnt be able to turn it down. :huh:

Damn… there must be something wrong with my devices!! :huh:
There is no thing such as “suck” knob… :lol:

damn, I said I would stop with stupid self-celebrating jokes! :rolleyes:

This is me laughing out loud. :D

butter bei de fische!
what does the that sucky knob do?
please refrain from answering: “make my music sound like it was written by you!”
thanks! =)

nice render… :)


yea man, sadly this aint a “real” image, i’ve found the image at www.3dtotal.com , wish i had this button tho.

i allready suck, i need no button for that.


i used to have an effects proc that had a suck knob.

actually it was the wet/dry mix. it got worn out and started making crunchy noises whever i turned it. man that sucked.