Turn Effect On/off And Change Parameter

sorry for my english !

So i know, this is in the manual, but i don’ t understand

Who can explain me the effect: “10-ef xx effects in effect list”

and how to change effect parameter manualy, without automation

Give me better exemple than those in the manual … :(

The manual should be better !!! and translate in french par exemple

Thanks a lot !!

bye :P

To turn an effect on or off use xF00 and xF01 where X is 1 for the first effect on the track, 2 for the second etc…

Simplest way to change effect parameters manually is to drag the parameter slider with the right mouse button. If edit is on the values will then be entered into the pattern.

A new manual project has been started… so just be patient.

…or even better. Frenchmen could learn english :P

thanx !