Turn off the automatic note-off right before a new note is triggered?

Here I am, puzzling why I can’t get the legato work on my synth using the sequencer.

When playing the keyboard and playing legato, the envelope of the synth isn’t retriggered.
But I can’t achieve that with Renoise.

Thinking it was a dark setting in the synth at first, I start looking everywhere…
But then I analysed the MIDI sent out by Renoise, and it seems it automatically sends a note-off command right before sending a new note, which causes to always retrigger the envelope.

Usually this is great… unless where I don’t want it.

I’m staring at the FX commands, hoping to find the right one to tie the notes and not send that note-off.
But I don’t see it…
Gx doesn’t seem to work…

Anyone can point me to the right FX command, or setting in Renoise?

Check your NNA action in the instrument settings on the lower left side.

I can find the NNA action in the sample editor.
But I’m using an external synth (MIDI). Is there such an option too?

I can tell renoise my instrument is monophonic, and I can apply a glide to it. GFF should theoretically perform an instant glide without triggering any modulation, but it seems not to have any effect on MIDI instruments

Ideally there would be a NNA option to toggle the note-off being sent at instrument level (instead of at sample level), that could also be switched through an effect in the pattern editor (as such this can be switched in the sequence as needed.)

Could try to add a second note column to the track, and place the new note in the second column,
then add the note-off to the first column when needed after that.

Thank, that works indeed.

Not very convenient, but looks like there is no other way.

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I love this idea because I am constantly trying to find a work-around for things that regulate their own voice count maximums. My only solution has been by setting long release times on the main envelopes of the synth or whatever.
You could probably build something simple that filters out the zero messages from the midi input in Plugdata.

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