Turn off: track selection follows horizontal scroll position

I can’t believe that I just realized this behavoir now after more than one year? When scrolling horizontally through the tracks the selected track changes. Can this be switched off?

Nope. Also the mouse wheel scroll is fixed at 2 line increment/decrements :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. Then it’s not a bug, but a feature. :smile:

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You can turn the wheel on the right scroll bar and only one line will skip.

Edit: I do not like that I do 2 line breaks either. Maybe it would be better the other way around. That is, the wheel on the track, which jumps a line, and if it is on the right bar, it jumps 2 lines, or better yet: CTRL + rolls on the track that jumps 1 line. The main reason is that it is especially good to move between floating windows without having to change windows.

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I realized that even the track labels move with the tracks. This is very well thought-out.

To be honest Raul I’ve never felt that it bothers me at all if it scrolls 1 or 2 lines with the mouse wheel. I just pointed it out because it lands in the ‘something that isn’t configurable’ category to do with the pattern editor interface :slight_smile:

If you were to consider all the things that ‘need to be configurable’ in Renoise would you not end up with a large preferences dialog? Even if you don’t include it in the preferences dialog you’ve still got to write code that say parses it from the Renoise Config.xml file to bring it out to the user, for fictional example:

<!--Mouse handling-->

(Then you will have people posting question(s) on how and where do I change the mouse scroll lines value.)
Then you have the problem of trying to convince the developer to include that ‘touch of bloat’ via this forum. Somehow I just feel it isn’t worth all the hassle. Even bug posts (be it minor or major) are either silently accepted or rejected. Wasting my time writing and your time reading this post.

I guess Renoise has always been obsessed with keyboard commands, and that mouse control options are things added later, and that in some areas it’s still very green (look how poor the Automation Editor is, which should just control much better with the mouse, and not with keyboard commands).

I suppose that the main programmer of this software only has time for what he wants to change or improve, and many things are “secondary”. Anyway, it is very easy to keep track of all the requests that are made in the forums, including bug resolutions (although these forums do not have a specific corner where all these things are listed in an orderly manner). Another thing is if they are finally added / improved or not.

I, who use my window tools, care a lot that the mouse has much more control, which means switching between windows or areas constantly.