Turn On Midi Keyboard After Renoise Started?

i aint really a renoise noob but i just noticed i do this every time so it kinda intrigued me :)

if i turn on renoise before my midi keyboard is there a way to activate it without rebooting renoise?
i regulary start renoise, open up large projects and THEN remember to turn on my keyboard and have to close it all up and restart renoise since the keyboard doesnt show in settings.

i know it sounds silly, but its been buggin me since i do this every time i start working :D

I’ve got the same “problem” and the same “solution” (restart Renoise :-). Got an M-Audio Oxygen-49 here and, wondered whether it was my fault or I was missing some drivers or anything.

Not possible with Windows and nothing Renoise can ever do about limitations of an operating system.

Might be possible with OSX or Linux but wouldn’t like to comment.

But you make no comment on your setup anyway…

I can confirm that hot-plugging devices in Renoise is working with those OS’es.

Scripts can take advantage of this ability too, as the list of devices can be observed in realtime. E.g. Duplex does this.

Hm, I don’t need to restart renoise. (see sig for specs)

Really? Taktik claims it’s not possible with Windows in this post: Button Inside Renoise To Re-enumerate Midi Devices?

I’ll restart my computer for this now, maybe it won’t work after reboot.

Maybe f+d+k has a device driver which is permanently active process?
An example would be automap, which has a client/server model.

I am also running WinXP, SP3. When attaching standard, class compliant hardwar Renoise requires me to shutdown first.
But on OSX, devices pop up and can be used immediately.

Ok, back again.

Yep, still works. I don’t have automap (don’t even know it :lol: ), all I can see here is Creative Audio Service automatically running. In renoise prefs I have device type ASIO and Device is SB Audigy 2 ASIO [AC00]. I will have a look at that other thread.

We’re talking about MIDI controller devices. So if you have a real MIDI instrument/controller and a audio interface with the MIDI ports on it which is connected this will be seen. If you were to connect an audio interface with the MIDI on it after starting Renoise Windows would not add this. Same if you connect a USB MIDI device. Or at least that’s how I understand it. When a lot of people say MIDI they are really talking USB Class Compliant MIDI Device, rather than something with a 5pin Din connection.

Oh, ok, I see. Sorry for the confusion.
(Haha, ok I’m old school with 5pin MIDI cables plugged in the attached gameport of the soundcard.)

yeah i didnt mention, my cme uf60 is connected via usb :rolleyes:. didnt try the 6 pin cable but i ASSUMED ( <_< ) it would be the same.

i read the old thread where taktik says

however, im using studio one as well and there you add your keyboard/external device once, so when you start S-one and then turn on your keyboard after starting it, you just click “reconnect” and it fires right up, no DAW restart needed. so there IS a slick way to do this. i guess in my layman understanding studio one saves the settings of your keyboard and then somehow connects to its current windows driver state when you click reconnect, while renoise only checks once for it when it starts.

Perhaps if the device driver from the manuafacturer doesn’t release the driver for the host running it if the device gets disconnected this might be a way (e.g.: perhaps the automap from the Novation controllers), but it for sure won’t work if the midi device is running on the Microsoft’s native midi device driver.

did you try it in studio one? they did it in a nice way it seems, no daw or project restart necessary.

Running the Midi process in a bridged environment? That would be a trick…