Turn renoise into the best synth

lot of waveform just load and play


Thanks. These are great.

Only usable as single cycle waves .

Forget about wavetables (high res .index scanning ) in renoise .

Using the stepper ( as index ) won’t get you there if you want to merge them into one table

Only 10 samples can be played at once …not enough

these are amazing!!


bump for the lol

Another thing to try for generating single-cycle waveforms, meldaproduction has a free plug called MOscillator, which at first you’ll think is just a fancy test-tone generator, but if you look at the harmonics section, you’ll find that you can load any sample and MOscillator can analyze it (there are some settings re: how it approaches the analysis), or a section of it, for its harmonic profile (or produce an averaged harmonic profile across a given number of sample points within the waveform), and produce a single-cycle waveform that perfectly reproduces that harmonic profile.

Record that, cut out one cycle, and use that as your Renoise oscillator, it’s pretty great. For example I used it to analyze a sample from an old choir multisample library I have, then layered the resulting wave with the original choir sample, but that’s a pretty tame example of what you can do. Try it on a very harmonically rich sound, like a tamboura or sitar or something maybe

I use free vsts like zynaddsubfx, tyrell, tal noisemaker, such stuff. Then sample some notes and loop single cycles, sometimes more than a single one if the variation they have is nice.

Then you have the modulation section with a single filter per voice, but don’t forget there’s lots of space in the instrument effects section where you can pile up more filters and other effects with crazy serial/parallel routings using sends. You can create real hightech instruments this way.

I would say though, beware of the adventure kid single cycle waveforms dodgy tuning.

Tuning up the instruments made in renoise with AKWFs properly using Gtune is all good though

they all are 600 samples long for one cycle at 44100 samples/second. With this info you can calculate the “perfect” tuning. Well it actually isn’t 100% perfect because renoise doesn’t allow fractional cents tuning, or at least not display it, but anyways

I calculated it a bit with code from a tool I’m working on, and you just need to transpose them all each:

  • up 10 semitones and

  • down 2 or 3 (renoise-)cents

in the sample properties to get a reasonable good tuning for them. They all are the same length, so this tuning should apply to all of them.


bump cause i want to spread the madness you can make with the sampler of renoise and this pack

who need a vsti when you can have 4000 waveform + draw mode