Turning Off The Cursor Jumping To A Spot When You Click With The Mouse

Is there a way of turning off how wherever you click the mouse, it jumps to that column. Also, I can’t figure out why at some points, it even jumps to the line that I click on when I click with the mouse–it seems to be inconsistent.

The reason why I would like to turn the option off is because sometimes I’ve set up a spot where I’d like to paste, and want to highlight an area I can still see on the screen, cut, and paste to the spot I’m currently sitting at. The way it is set up now, I can’t pre-plan where I’m going to paste, I have to plan it AFTER I cut.

I don’t remember it having this behavior before 2.0, or 1.9, but maybe it’s just an option I’m missing as to where to change it.

Single mouse click navigation?

Thanks very much. :D That was it :D