Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro

Is anyone using the above soundcard with Renoise?

I’m using it because the “soundcard” that comes with my Dell laptop is poor (as with the vast majority of laptop audio…).

Now, the problem: I’m getting a lot of interference when Renoise is playing (it’s fine when inactive and with Windows sounds…) - the problem seems to occur predominantly with VSTi.

I don’t experience the issue when using the built-in audio on the laptop.

I’ve tried different USB ports and re-installing the latest drivers etc. etc. but no change.

Your thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Turtle Beach sucks eggs. Get at least an iMic.

I got a Creative external soundcard and I was quite happy with it. http://www.amazon.com/Creative-SoundBlaste…2723&sr=8-1

Yeeeeees, I’m beginning to understand that (-:

The Turtle Beach was bought for its size as well as trying to replace the hopeless laptop audio.

Thanks for the link, will check out shortly…

I’ve also been looking at m-audio kit - any owners out there happy to give opinions?

I’ve got a M-audio Fast Track Pro (usb) And I bought it just like you, for the small size. And I must say I’m very happy with it. Don’t even think about a firewire audio card from M-audio, but the USB versions is IMO great.

Take care.

Thanks - appreciated. OOI, why the negativity surrounding the firewire hardware from m-audio?