Turtle Warp - Night Breed Ep (+ Some Dj Mixtapes)

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Turtle Warp - Night Breed Ep

1.bathtub of seed
2.night breed
4.shadow of the beast
5.jurassic warehouse
6.altered beast
7.steel talons
8.dung rider
9.masters of hobo

also some dj mixtapes of eclecticness, breakcore and hardcore, grimey hobotek type stuff, if your into that :wink:
oh and some garrish artwork.

while im here i may as well also dump the links to my older stuff:

the turtle - hyper riot


turtle acid - harlech core


i also had some VGM type stuff on betamod radio, which was actually the first stuff i did on renoise. but i think betamod radio has been down for a while, so this is a boring story…

Downloading now.

Nightbreed’s album art is the shiz.