Tutorial For Key Tracking Device?

can you help me? i really don t understand how it works :P

I guess IT-Alien miserably failed making the dealine for this one :P

actually I miserably failed at making something understandable: I’ve made this but it was not added to the tutorials list.

If Mat understands, i guess your effort was not an entire waste of time…

well yes it s a bit hard! i m sorry it-alien!

Can you make a tuto less IDM with basic bpm settings like 120 bpm, 4lpb and a simple saw as sound synth, only one tone to let us get what s happening?


sample —> saw loop




key tracking — Filter LP

Just that, very simple, i just want to understand the base, how it works! then i ll let my imagination explore other possibilities. With too much effects and parametters slow brained people like can t understand!

here it is a simple example of a KT-Device controlling the volume of a track.

the note range is defined as C-5…C-6 so when playing C-5 the volume will be set to -inf, while at C-6 the volume will be set to 0.0dB

allright i get it!!

now let s find mad tricks!!

thank you it-alien :)

from it-alien’s demo i ve made one with 2 key tracking devices controlling 2 parametters on a simple frenchcore kick