Tutorial for Vocoder?


I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk. Great job on their new album, simply awesome how they make voices sound like an instrument… So now I’m out hunting vocoders, and I’ve found quite a few, the only thing is… I don’t have a CLUE how to operate any of them!

I mean, I’ve been on all the search engines (yahoo, google, altavista) but not ONE of them could come up with a single tutorial, walkthrough or guideline to how to use a vocoder. (The vocoder is, by the way, a VST-plugin in Renoise… it just kept making a hellofalot of noise…)

So if any of you know of a good webpage/tutorial on how to use a vocoder, please let me know, I’ll be forever greatful :)

Thanks in Advance


gettin a vocoder to work in renoise isn’t hard.
vocoders need two signals to munge together (carrier and modulator), so put the vocoder on a sendtrack.
then assign two channels to that sendtrack, with one channel panned hard left and the other hard right. voila! :)

i advice mda vocoder or mda talkbox as a good freeware vocoder.


Thanks alot!!!

I am SO looking forward to this so forgive me for not typing much


~Dufey (4ever greatful)

I have only one problem with this, and that’s that I don’t have a VSTi that allows me to set the panning internally… What do you guys use?

Use the track setting for panning. Or if you need to do the panning last in your effect chain, use the internal “gainer” effect.

If the VSTiAutomationDevice doesn’t show a panning slider, try the midiCCdevice with CC 10.

use this tutorial, its amazing.


I can’t use the track setting for panning because both the right panned vocals (carriar) and the left panned VST instrument (modulator) need to be on the same track, so I can apply the effect. I also can’t use the “gainer” effect, as that will get rid of the right panned sound.

Not sure how this works… I’m unfamiliar with the midiCCdevice… I had a look, loaded it, set the imported inst as the VSTi, set the first bar to CC 10, tried messing around, but it did nothing. I’m pretty new to Renoise (as of a few days ago), maybe you could explain it a little more, please? :) Much appreciated.

Whilst those are all nice little effects, i’m kind of looking to do real-time vocoding.

The theory all sounds fine, but getting a damn VSTi with panning is the problem that’s driving me nuts! It seems like such a simple thing to do. If anyone knows one that allows you to set the panning, please tell :) Anything!

Ok, this is how I would do it… Put the carrier and modulator on different tracks. Use the stereoexpander to make both tracks mono. Then use 2 gainers to pan the tracks left respectively right. Last in the chains put 2 send devices pointing at the vocoder send track. And finally put the effects you mentioned on the vocoder send track.

But you wanted the effects before the vocoder… :unsure: Maybe this is the example which Buzz would manage but Renoise not :) …or I’m just getting tired. No, seriously there probably is a way but I can’t think of it now.

Have you tried the VSTiAutomationDevice? Which VSTi have you used? If you don’t give us any more information, then we can’t help.

The midiCCdevice will only work if the VSTi you point it to actually reacts to MIDI CC messages… It sound like you’ve done correctly, so there’s really little more I can say. Other than reading the manual, and I don’t mean Renoises manual. Plugins have manuals too, you know. Often you’ll find some answers there in a lot less time.

(I checked out a couple of random VSTi on my list, and found several with panning, but you’re right that not all have it. Try for example Claw, it’s free as well. MIDI CC 10 doesn’t work on this either).

Hm, I can find this sonticism web page, no matter.

Anyway, does NI Vokator works with Renoise, anyone tested? IS it possible to add this two channels, voice + instrument notes?

Thank you.

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(as this topic was also called out somewhere else on the forum… )
there was a typo in the first message… it is NOT

sonictism vintage vocoder


sonicism vintage vocoder