Tutorial/Let's Make (Video)

Hey, I made this track called STICK AND MOVE (listen to it here:https://soundcloud.com/hakyoku/stick-and-0-3 )

I recorded the entire process start to finish (including a pause where I took a smoke break lol) so if anyone is curious or bored, you can watch 3 hours of making some oldskool rave in renoise.

The video description has a list of all samples and VSTs used.

If you have comments or questions, please direct them to youtube video since I’ll actually get notifications (I apologize, but I rarely come to these forums much since I have no more questions or concerns about Renoise…lol…it’s just a solid piece of soft I get along with very well.)

Here’s the next in what appears might just be a series/documentary of making oldskool breaks in Renoise. I love this style and no one makes it without adding Sandstorm style structure or other modern elements that really pull me out of the feel. I do not mean to insult people that do this, it just ain’t my thing. smile.png Anyway, enjoy 4+ hours of making 5 different tracks and figuring out how to put them into a single track. tongue.png

The final track can be listened to here (or skip to the last 6 minutes of the video…


Cool, looks like someone should tell you about Ctrl+P (paste continuously)

CTRL + P on my machine just paste replace…do you mean ctrl+shift+p? Or is that implied by capital P? Lol I’m not sure it makes much speed difference cuase I’ll still just noodle around with noises half the time lol Thanks tho! :slight_smile: