Tutorials For Native Instruments Massive


This is my first post on the Renoise forum, so hi!

I write a blog about tutorials for Native Instruments Massive, which might be of interest to some of you guys.

I thought it probably best to stick all these in one post rather than make a new thread each time i add one - so from now on i’ll be adding the tutorials to this thread alone.

I hope some of you find this info useful!

Here are the tutorials thus far:

Dark, gritty bass stab

Dutch house leads(guest post by Rob Janssen)

A better default patch (guest post by Rob Janssen)

Techniques for analogue emulation with Massive (guest post by Rob Janssen)

Wavetables for nasty basslines

Using Stepper creatively in Massive

Using Envelopes to manipulate sound

Using ‘noise’ to create atmosphere

Dub Techno synth stab tutorial

Great job bro!! :drummer:

Cool, I might check these out next week :)

Nice one guys! Some new ones up on the site now also

Although there are no keyboard shortcuts for Massive, there are some modifier keys…


The “hidden modulators” in Massive – the internal envelopes.


How to load and browse custom banks, user patches and 3rd party banks without having to load them one by one in Native Instruments Massive.