Tv/movie Sampling

Hey, I am not going to talk about the legal aspects of this, we all know how illegal it is and how much in hell we are going if we “steal” 2 second audio clip from the poor movie industry.

I recently started noticing cool sounds in movies. Not the speech samples, but ambient textures mixed with BG music which, when looped look like very promising sampling resource. I have marked down couple of places which sound cool for me. Maybe in near future I can show some clips.

Has anyone else done that kind of sampling? Any demo songs?

I’ve noticed them too. I did make a tune many years ago which used a looped section from ‘Leon’ when Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman are in the toilets and he is scaring the crap out of her. If you listen past her breathing there is a very dark, menacing and cavernous texture that slowly swirls around.

I don’t think I’ll be able to upload the song I made,but I’d recommend listening to the sound in that scene if you have the time.

perhaps as the movie clip audio becomes more and more integrated (processed with fx, filters, etc.) with the loop/atmospheric sample, it may become unrecognizable to the sample nazis.

how do the ‘dub’ artists do it? if it’s published, they have to get permission and pay licensing? what a drag. i hear all kinds of movie clips on downtempo and even psy tracks with heavy use of movie dialog samples sometimes from current films. maybe because some of them are not released/published by record companies or are only part of a net radio broadcast with original tracks might be part of it.

it’s a great idea and every film you watch now becomes a possible source of inspiration.

Cinematic audiodesign is a world (and profession) on its own.
I heared Vex’D comes from that industry, perhaps its interesting
to check it out, listen to the approach of the music? Other than
that, most movies just use samples straight off a sample cd, so in
a way it’s pretty lame to sample it from the movie, just because
its integrated with a portion of soundtrack and plot. But that’s just me.

I use movie samples often.
Not the soundtrack stuff but more the noise you here when a special effect is happening.

In the future I offcourse hope I can make those sounds myself ;)

Nine Inch Nails uses a lot of samples from movies especially in their older stuff. I’m not certain, but I think a lot of them are not cleared.

For example, anyone familiar with the track The Becoming from The Downward Spiral will recognize the scream loop from this movie clip:

This guy picked up on some similarities as well:

…and some more speculations:,19114

I read that when they were recording TDS, they watched around 400 B movies for sample pouching. Like I said, not sure how many of those samples were cleared or not, but I would guess that not all of them were. I can’t recall ever reading about court cases for copyright infringement, and those are pretty popular albums.

Really? Vex’D. That’s pretty cool to know. And yes, samples straight off a CD without editing is lame.

I used to sample a lot of stuff from national geographic …commentator voices …describing desolate south/north polesque landscapes …and such …I Never sample music

Cartoon sound effects, thats the key!

Ren & Stimpy -> TEH best one :yeah:

Also just recently sampled from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest scene where Jack Nicholson freaks out (front cover…) and from Lost Highway Mystery Man party scene…but many movies I have sampled like:

Bad Taste
Evil Dead 1 & 2
old sci-fi shit…

What ever just freaks you out or give good chills or makes you laugh or just sounds interesting. Also is very very good source for samples. Just use filter / phaser / flanger / eq, whatever to cut shit from the sound.
I only sample speeches and sound fx, not musical scores itself…


i wish i could watch movies without being on sample alert prowl mode :P
tons of movies waiting idly on my HD b/c I heard 1 cool sample somewhere…

Oh, I feel you man. My DVR is full cause I haven’t had the time to get to rippin samples. Which sucks, cause I totally want to record more.