Tweaking Multitap Delay Integration Time

It would be nice if the multitap had an extra slider so you can make the integration time of the delay slower, so it will take more time before it reaches it’s new destination… I like the sound of that effect.

Also maybe copying per-tap settings, similar to with how the presets envelope settings work. Would be cool for a quicker worklfow.

Really liking the multitap, the driven filter feedback is great!!

Do you mean some kind of inertia?

yes like inertia on the filters, but for delay time. it’s like if you have a tape delay and slow the tape down, you get the slowing down version of the delay for a while in the feedback path. if the slowing down is almost instant you only get a quick chirp and two different speeds of sound in the delay path.

it’s really good for trippy sounds, if you have a dubby delay then you might as well add that.

well i wouldn’t mind more trippy stuff like this at all. :)

+1 for more trippy delays.

Controlling the multitap’s individual delay values through a hydra, slightly modulated by a lfo device is a nice workaround getting psychedelic delays B) .

no that’s not what I meant, but if you automate the delay time you can get something that sounds like that. sort of adds a wobbly spring reverb characteristic to that’s actually pretty nice as well.

try automate a delay from 50 to 1000 back to 50 over a pattern (100bpm or less for good effect)

I finally get what you mean. And yes, it’s a cool sound! Currently the integration time is very quick, it goes ping/zip to the new sound. But slowing that down has the nice effect of ‘melting’ into the new setting.

^ so, an inertia setting request for the multitap delay, it is!

lol sorry I used to have a delay somewhere that said ‘integration time’ on that exact slider.