TWEAKY DRUM native old school drum synth

TWEAKY DRUM v1.xrni (16.0 KB)

and an update:
TWEAKY DRUM v2.xrni (143.1 KB)

Thought I’d give this its own topic for ease of access later. This instrument is a simple monophonic drum synth with saw/sin/square/triangle waveforms and a noise oscillator.
Really simple, just tweak the macro knobs and play around. Easy to get lots of different tones for resampling or sequencing. Future versions will be posted here if this gets reworked at all.

Hope you enjoy it!


Way to be @slujr !



tweaky drums the autogen song ( highly inharmonic )
tweaky.xrns (1.8 MB)
fixed…more random
fun stuff


Can nerds like me hear an audio file? I am so far from home :frowning:

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haha, nice!
i remixed it :wink: (slightly)
tweaky(1.1).xrns (1.8 MB)


Here you go. Thought you might want to see the wave form so I turned into a video. But if that doesn’t work for you i’ll send you the mp3.


BEAUTIFUL!!! Great sounds and video! Thanks a bunch. Three more days and I’ll get to work with this :slightly_smiling_face:

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@kingdoobie @eretsua @slujr I did this in TweakyBeat- looking forward to making something like this (of course it will be non-linear :smile:) with the new patch.


Wow! Such a great Drum Instrument! Thank you Slujr = )

WfTd.xrns (53.1 KB)


Glad you dig!

Here’s a little jape with it

Nice tune btw! :metal:

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This is what I’m talkin’ about! Listen to that analog mono action!

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@slujr @kingdoobie @eretsua

Soooooon! I will be home on Saturday all day and Sunday. Gimme gimme! I need I neeeeeeeed!


Audio for the tool - small updates made to the tool to get closer to the iOS app (really tiny stuff).


nice. very cool :+1:
feel free to post your update if you like!

Alright, here’s a template/layout. The one main thing that I’m doing differently is sculpting the waveform changes by attaching the change to piano notes. Thusly, the waveform isn’t changing via keyboard input messages. I have reassigned waveform changes along with the piano notes the sound is connected to.

One reason for this is because we only have 8 effects columns, and I wanted to be able to use the last one for 0R00 and other commands. Yes, I could add extra FX columns if I grouped the track with another track, but I just wanted to keep things to a bare minimum.

TweakyDrumsNNNv1.xrns (695.4 KB)

I also added an additional sample for a more metallic HH sound, figuring folks could do a lot more with this if they just added their own samples/assigned them to the piano notes.


sweet. will def check this out. working on something rn that I think you in particular will enjoy. a slightly different granular approach in renoise. will post when cooked


HOLY MOLY!!! Looking forward to it, thank you!

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for sure :metal:

see here: •GRAIN SCRUBBER• xrni


Tweaky drum version 2:

TWEAKY DRUM v2.xrni (143.1 KB)

A few improvements here:

•independent level control for the waveform and two types of noise oscillators (white noise and more metallic, inharmonic noise)

•Rudimentary crossfading wavetable behavior between waveforms (sin<>triangle<>square<> saw)

•better constraints on macro values (decay time, pitch envelope behavior, pitch envelope duration)

•integration of pitch start and end into one macro affecting pitch envelope shape

I think it sounds better and has more options for sound generation. check it out and lmk what you think!

the wavetable principle can be extended to other instruments… using multiple modulation sets and volume stepper devices with reset value tied to a macro to act as wavetable position modulation

here’s a short example of some randomly generated sounds from it: