Twenty Two Ten



[updated audiofile]

nice stuff.

goes well with my mood right now

Hehehe, wood would suit this nicely, indeed…
although it sounds more like a brick wall to me ;)

very solid and thick sound, real intense atmosphere!

i waited and waited and waited for song to start but it never started :unsure: :)

kinda reminded me the movie “lost in translation” where the whole movie i waited for some action to start but… the movie ended and i didnt even get the point of it :)

yeah i hated that movie. was relaly looking forward to it too since i like bill murray and somebody told me it was good :(

off topic: trackit, did you get my email? i got my richard burns rally working so i can play sometime :)

Thanx botb, dj io. :)

Trackit: Agree that it kind of lacks coherence, so I updated it with a slightly improved structure; The voice and train aren’t as constant now, I certainly got a better ‘feel’ of the track now!

Oh, and Lost In Translation… Tried watching that film twice, got bored twice. Gah.

OMFG ! Finally some people that think lost in translation is boring !
Really, most people I know simply adore this bullshit and the rest thinks its atleast “deep”. Yeah. Its very deep seeing two rich people getting bored in one of the countries I definately want to go to one day. I got really angry troughout the movie and started thinking at some point “get your arse up, goddamnit”.

Looza: Why get angry? Why not just turn it off? :P
I was watching Firefly in a free theatre at some LAN and just left midway. Not that the film sucked, but it didn’t compell me. If the entertainment doesn’t entertain me I don’t want to waste my time on it, simple as that.

Oh, and I updated the track once again. Heh, funny that… RNS forum-releases for me is like a beta release, as it’s not a “binding” release. I just blurt it out, check for reactions and update when needed. Good formula! :)

link again for your convenience.

I just watched it trough to know why people love it so much. and the problem with it is that you are at some party and suddenly someone refers to the movie and everyone is like “ah yeah … that movie is so great … sigh” and I go “yeah, it sucked.” and I am alone with that.
as with firefly, the movie itself is useless if you havent watched the series before. and the series is much better actually. dunno how they managed to make the movie crap. :(

they probably do that because everybody else says that too

Is that an Aussie accent I hear there? It may be wishful thinking on my part ;)

Not a bad little “space”, but I can’t say I’m a fan of audio clicking. I spend so much of my time trying to get that stuff out of my music…

The birds are scary…