Twice The Master.

Was just wondering if there ever was or will be a feature that has two masters or just a “send/channel” that bypasses master channel.

Ex. I’ve just made a tune with bunch of effects and even the master channel has compression/chorus that i need. Then i want to implement a sample from another tune that has all the goodies(compression etc) without running it through the master channel as it is allready stacked with effects.

This is probably just a lazy mans moaning, because i would without problem, just some effort, just route the tracks i want in another send with the master effects on it and thus have the master channel clean to put the other sample. Tho when i’ve come this far in a song its as said a hazzle to make everything fit my needs.

What i really need perhaps is a “shrug and moaning” thread on this forum. :P

All of that would be fixed with the modular routing that is proposed in the features poll.

Even the “shrug and moaning” thread? :D:smiley:

Havent been in the backstage for a while. :P

Don’t think modular routing screen is a high priority thing though.

Why not simply render the song, and then combine it with the other part?
Ofcourse I do see that this has many disadvantages.