[ Twitter ] To [ Status.Net / Identi.Ca ] Bridge?

If I am being honest, I can do most everything myself cuz of my role on Renoise from the previous years, except the Yahoo pipes stuff which doesn’t seem to be under any team member’s control? I emailed Byte-Smasher about it.


I want to cross post http://twitter.com/renoise to http://identi.ca/renoise


Someone set this up for Facebook using Yahoo pipes (Byte-Smasher?). It’s the same process, most of the work is done already.



Not as popular Twitter, but it is well known, especially in the world of Linux. Identi.ca is even a small island to the left of Twitter in xkcd “Map of Online Communities 2010

Search engine optimization.

Selfishness. I don’t use Twitter, I do use Identi.ca.


Those duplicated streams are always bit annoying, specially if there is no actual person behind the account. If there is a person behind it, you should also make sure the @replies won’t get posted.

The facebook bridge brings in many clicks according to my latest stats though. :)

Oh… I use RSS Gator, a Facebook app, for posting feeds from various sites including twitter and yahoo pipes, on the Renoise page. I’m not sure how you’d do this with identi.ca

Yahoo pipes simply modifies RSS feeds… it can’t actively post content on sites for you iirc

Good to know my efforts have been fruitful :D

The original purpose of the Twitter account was to broadcast messages, maybe the occasional retweet. I know this because I set it up.

The Facebook re-broadcast makes perfect sense for this purpose.

Now that it’s used for flirting, trolling, Remixta promotion, and piss poor representation of Renoise (“Launchpad […] have not tried it myself though.” Clearly, someone on the Renoise team must have tried the Launchpad to write code that supports it? What the fuck is this stupidity, a fan page or Renoise?), yes, it’s obviously annoying.

Sorry, but the feed has been pissing me off as of late. Terrible.

The twitter feed is not filtered. It passes through @replies which I have repeatedly told should be filtered out. Either we revert the twitter account back to 1 post per month self. Or remove those bridges if people can’t set them up properly.