Two Copies

Well, I’m talking about true ASIO-drivers.

any comments from renoise team?
because maybe it isnt hard to implement?)
guys please i need it)

So we continue day dreaming! ;)

Simple, elegant solution for syncing two copies of renoise:
get midi yoke, it installs internal “cables” that you can “plug” into different devices internally, basically you just have to set the midi master to the same midi yoke channel (which shows up as a midi device) as you set the midi slave to, and you’re away!

thanks i will try it))

but when you think to do that? till new year? after new year?
or it hard to say?

PS but if this midi yoke will be cool this features will not needed now)

My songs are usually quite lightweight… And if you could load a song while the other is playing without a hickup, you wouldn’t need to load more than two song at the time into RAM.

Nice piece of application to experience, thanks. :)

another question
it possible sync two solutions of renoise?

or maybe exists the same as midi yoke?

for example you run some solution after this run two copies of renoise and in some solution you can see some action play stop etc